Occupation is On!

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(Original: The Panic Is On,
Hezekiah Jenkins, 1930)
Revised, Dave Lippman, 2011

I reckon those bankers shoulda never been bailed
They should be sittin in the county jail
We gotta do something by and by
We could walk down to Wall Street and occupy
Doggone, occupation is on

400 people got too much stuff
For 150 million, life is tough
The top 1 percent are feelin fine
We're here to represent the other 99
Doggone, occupation is on

I went down to Wall Street said what's all this fuss
Well, we occupy Wall Street cause it occupies us
Corporations on top, that's how the world is run
I'll believe they're people when Texas executes one
Doggone, occupation is on

I need a job to pay my debts
Money talks too much, shuts up all the rest
Downsized and merged across the nation
Lost my job, found an occupation
Doggone, occupation is on

Come all you workers and students, better not shirk
You can tell we're all workers cause we're out of work
We must do something, and do it now
We could occupy together, overthrow the Dow
Doggone, the people's movement is on

We communed in Paris in '68
Teamsters and turtles had a fine blind date
Now the bankers are trying to grab it all
After the Arab Spring comes the American fall
Doggone, autumn is on

All over the world you can hear the call
Housing, jobs and justice, human rights for all
The banksters wish uprising would cease
But we're learnin from Cairo, London, Spain & Greece
Doggone, occupation is on