Alberta Tarbillies

(tunes: Christmas song/Beverly Hillbillies)

Glaciers roasting 'cause of climate liars
Jack Frost lost his way God knows
Yuletide carols sung while we perspire
And folks dressed up like - well, too hot for clothes

Come listen to a story ‘bout Alberta Tar Sands
In a western province of wheat-growin’ lands
Tycoons found a complement for their blue blood
Down in the ground was some tar sand crud
Oil, that is, dirty oil, Pollution tea, toxic sludge...water waste…tailing ponds…I never swim in ammonia….if it’s mixed with cyanide….

Well the first thing you know TransCanada was there        
Corporation said better move the tar but where?
Turns out Texas is the place where they refine
So they fueled up their tools and built a pipeline
Oil spillin’, river ruinin’, petroleum dependin’
Climate killin’…acidic….corrosive…volatile…unstable…like its builders….fossil fools.

They say if you build it, it will spill
You can tweak but it’ll leak and wildlife it’ll kill
Runs through an aquifer we can’t live without
Will the planet survive oil industry clout?
Let’s hear it for long-term strategies for energy sanity!
Now let’s hear it for short-term profits!
How a-bout that destruction of indigenous lands?
Puttin’ that much sulfur and acid in a pipe – what they been smoking?

Is it time to say good-bye to atmosphere and earth?
We would like to thank you folks fer shoutin’ what it’s worth
You're all invited back again to this locality
To share a heapin helpin of your solidarity

Earth-savin’, that is. Set a spell. Civil disobedience. Y’all save the planet, y’hear?

And so I'm offering this warm refrain
The mercury's at ninety-two
Foggy Scotland's shores are now hot as Bahrain
Scary business melting me and you