(The labor version)

I've always hated cod liver oil, Gallo almost as much
If I'm not boycotting at least 5 major union-busting companies who all own each other anyway
I start to feel out of touch
       If we haveta have nafta and cafta we'll see our jobs in the hereafta

or some such
      And then there's Wal-Mart

 If you didn't hear the story, here's how it is
Big company sells below cost
Drive mom and pop out of biz
Pretty soon all over the land
One big open shop, unions banned
That's our Wal-Mart

They tell their suppliers to buy overseas
That's even better than a wage freeze
We're one big happy family
No unions allowed, this enterprise is free
It's worker-free, we're all associates now, see?
I guess that means it's our Wal-Mart

They say we buy American whenever we can
We buy at home right here in Saipan
Worst of all every other store
Has to follow suit if they wanta sell more
But I don't want to follow suit, see
Let's get it over with, just shoot me
God bless Wal-Mart

Brought 6,000 jobs back to South Carolina
For a whole 6 months, then sent 'em back to China
Where they work 12 hours on Easter and Earth Day
But they let em off for their seventh birthday
But the shift don't seem so long
As long as they're singing the company song
To the great Wal-Mart of China

10% of associates get their health care paid
By the public (average figure for various states)
But you can't expect the employer to pay
Their profit was only $10 billion no way
Cities must unite with states
Stop subsidizing jobs that are second-rate
Tell me who's the welfare bum? Come on
Good old Wal-Mart

Workers gettin' Medicaid
Kids school lunches are on the State
They're livin in Section 8
You gotta love this job

Two out of three of the workers are women
Against the tide of discrimination they're swimmin
Only 1/3 in management jobs
on the average, they're getting robbed
Got to get up got to mov
e, got to get in the union groove
And maybe some day
We'll get overtime pay
from Wal-Mart